Friday, 4 December 2015

5 reasons to visit Thornbury this Saturday

The cool is spreading in the North, and Thornbury is where it’s at. So jump aboard a tram, leave the hipsters of Fitzroy behind and travel further North where the cool is still authentic.

1.     Welcome to Thornbury | Bar and FoodTruckstop
520 High Street, Northcote
Food trucks are a dime a dozen but who can be bothered chasing that favourite burrito all over town? Enter Welcome to Thornbury; Melbourne’s first permanent Bar and Food Truck Stop. Pop in for a bite to eat or a jug of sangria in the sun.

2.     Psarakos | Food market
2/8 Clarendon St, Thornbury

Pining for a good old European market experience? Nothing beats the deli line at Psarakos of a Saturday morning. Prepare for crowds and lots of excited gesticulating but also a great range of international fare and a tantalizing selection of cheeses and cured meats to try.

3.     Thornbury Theatre | Live music and events
859 High Street, Thornbury

Stick around for a gig at the palatial Thornbury Theatre, which features a broad range of talent to cater for any musical taste. Check out their line-up and book yourself a ticket.

4.     Bike ride along Merri Creek/St Georges Road

Ditch the car, forget about the tram timetable and jump on the old deadly treadlie instead. Thornbury has some great bike tracks that will get you all the way from the city with minimal stopping and starting for traffic. Take the Merri Creek trail along the water or opt for the St Georges Road bike track and try to race a tram.

5.     Retro Rehab
350 St Georges Road, Thornbury

The list wouldn’t have been complete without a humble brag, so while in the neighborhood be sure to pop in and say hello to us and our adorable poodles, Ollie and Oscar. As well as the boys, we've got a beaut collection of retro furniture and home wares that we're eager to share with you.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Coffee table Sale 10% OFF

Until the end of November enjoy 10% off all coffee tables. 
Pieces by Parker, Noblett, Danish Deluxe and Kalmar. 

To see our range of furniture and homewares visit us online


Friday, 14 March 2014

Murano and its glass

This week we've had a few new items pop up in store, particularly a few items of Murano glass design. Whilst going about putting them up on the website and arranging them in store, I was reminded of my own trip to Murano in Venice and thought I'd share some of my own experiences with y'all.

Murano is one of a few tiny islands that float about in the shores off Venice in the Venetian Lagoon. You can reach them by boat and many touring companies charter day trips out to the popular islands, of which Murano is one.

It was a sunny winter's day when I stepped off my boat from Venice onto Murano. Wrapped up in coats and scarves and sporting sunglasses, we were guided across bridges and past the iconic colourful buildings of Murano to a glass blowing factory.

The ovens kept the rooms warm and as we de-robed, we watched as Venetian men wearing nothing but shorts and scraggly singlets manipulated blazing hot balls of glass with tongs and other metal tools. When the demonstration began, the ball began taking shape. The men blew down metal tubing and we saw the glass ballooning out as if it were malleable.

They have to work quickly to avoid the glass cooling down and in less than five minutes that little ball of glass had become an intricate horse figurine, complete with ears and a detailed mane. It was nothing short of incredible.

If you can't quite get to Murano, we have a few new Murano style ashtrays for you to check out, but it really is worth the trip if you can make it.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Retro gardens for spring

Well, spring has well and truly sprung in Melbourne and the weekend is beckoning green thumbs with vitamin d deficiencies and weed-wrecked gardens to reunite with their blossoming exteriors.

For those of you wanting to change things up a little, here are a few retro ideas to jazz up your outdoor areas and extend the charm of retro design to the backyard.

Retro 50s planter boxes

Retro Rehab has had quite a timely blossoming of quaint 50s planter boxes in store, which will have your neighbours peering over your fence for more than just a cutting of your boisterous rosemary bush.

Fill them with your favourite blooms, and watch the flowers spill out as spring progresses.

50s planter boxes


Retro door trellis

Have an old door frame lying around that is just too darn pretty to throw on hard rubbish? Trust your hoarding instincts and appropriate it as a trellis for your climbing plants.

Hang it on the wall to soften bricks or a fence with greenery, or position it on its own and create an arbour-like garden installation.

This also works with gates and fences.

Recycled door trellis

Retro outdoor mirrors

Who said mirrors were only for indoors?

Pop one outdoors to make a smaller garden look larger and to reflect the sun.

Art deco mirror


Retro outdoor setting

A retro garden just isn't quite complete without one of these ubiquitous outdoor settings.

Perfect for an afternoon, post-garden cuppa and for reading the paper of a morning.

Metal and timber slat garden setting

Need more ideas? Stop by our website and see what we have in store for you to decorate your outdoors with.

Friday, 9 August 2013

‘The crying boy’ and a retro curse

'The crying boy' by Giovanni Bragolin

If you walked into Retro Rehab today, you would find yourself face to face with 'The crying boy'—a print by Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin.

The painter is well known for his widely reproduced 1950s prints of young children crying, and we happen to have one such one.

The painting elicits a wide range of comments from our customers—from those who are familiar with the painting and had one growing up, to those who shy away from the intense emotion in the boy’s face. Regardless it is an item at Retro Rehab that always draws a response.

The crying boy is no stranger to comment and controversy, for he was once at the centre of a strange curse that circulated in the late 80s.

It all began with a firefighter from Yorkshire who went to British tabloid, The Sun, with a story about how undamaged copies of ‘The crying boy’ were being found in the ruins of burned houses. This was occurring too frequently for it to be irrelevant and soon the painting had developed a reputation that saw it barred from many homes.

The Sun continued to run articles on such house fires where ‘The crying boy’ had been found, and by the end of that year, they were receiving copies of the painting from readers who urged them to create mass bonfires to lift the curse.

Apparently though, the only way to lift the curse is to offer the painting to another or reunite ‘The crying boy’ with ‘The crying girl’ and hang them together.

Seems simple enough. You’ll just have to bring a friend into the store to buy the painting for you.

The curse has been investigated in recent years and it has been found that the prints were actually treated with a fire repelling varnish, which would be the reason for them being the only survivors of a house fire.

So in conclusion, it is perfectly safe to come and take my dear crying boy home with you. I’m glad we sorted that one out.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Global retro hunting

Travelling is lovely. There is no doubt about that. But what do you spend your time looking for while exploring the world? For some it is the perfect coffee, for others a pretty postcard, and for us Retro Rehab-ers it is vintage and retro stores in every secret alleyway and lane.

Let us share some of our wanderlusting retro desires with you.


The UK is renowned for its bunting canopied vintage markets and fairs. Along with these dear little retro connoisseurs:

The Old Cinema

New York

The retro wonders that AMC haven’t snapped up for their Mad Men sets, can be found in some of these retro treasure troves.



In Paris, the best retro wares can be found by exploring the flea markets (or les puces). These two hold all manner of retro delights:

This market is the largest antique market in the world and receives between 120,000 to 180,000 visitors each weekend.
Marché aux Puces de Montreuil
For the true retro treasure hunters! Hagglers most welcome!

Where have you been, or where do you want to go? 
Comment below and share your secrets with your fellow Retro Rehab-ers.

Friday, 19 July 2013

The search for the retro holy grail

A customer came in today, professing her pickiness when it comes to furnishing her home. 

Knowing what you want and what you like is divine; yet, the search for said perfection can sometimes be a little tedious. It involves much trawling through websites and hopping about furniture stores on your one day off to hunt down that perfect desk, or television cabinet.

There is so much that needs to be just right when it comes to furniture, and it is often difficult to find an item that ticks all your boxes – right amount of drawers, right height, right colour…the list goes on and on, and your place remains unfurnished.

The search is only made more difficult when your particular desire is retro or vintage furniture for which there may only be one item that takes your fancy, located in a far off corner of Timbuktu. 

Retro Rehab makes your life a little easier by posting all new items on our website together with the dimensions, and we are constantly updating our Facebook page so that you can happen across that perfect coffee table you’ve been searching for while catching up on what your friend had for lunch. 

But sometimes we won’t have exactly what you are looking for, and when you’re after that particular shade of wood that won’t clash with your floorboards, compromising just won’t do. 

Retro Rehab has recently been included in a list by Charming Stuff Secondhand entitled SecondHand & Vintage Stores Melbourne & Surrounds. So if we don’t have what you are looking for, then surely one of these guys will.

Happy hunting fellow perfectionists.